The Voices of Members - Brother of Shu-ichi Ichikawa

A message to my brother, Syu-ichi

I am Ken-ichi Ichikawa from Kagoshima, Japan. I am “the brother of Shu-ichi Ichikawa, one of the abduction victims”.

The abduction issue is a serious human rights problem and we need to solve it as soon as possible. Families of the abductees are in great pain, struggling to make a breakthrough. We keep sending messages to the abductees by short-wave radio. 

We believe our messages will reach them in North Korea. We also expect the information about them will spread through the broadcasts. Here’s my message:

Shu-ichi, how are you doing? I’m your big brother. I haven’t seen you for 28 long years. I want to see you again as soon as possible. After you and Rumiko disappeared, we looked around for you frantically. Many people joined us in the search. Mom and dad are old, but they are doing fine. They keep praying for you every morning and evening, saying “We will take care of ourselves so we will live until we see Shu-ichi again.” We hear winter in North Korea is very severe. We would like to send both of you warm sweaters, since you disappeared in summer clothes. We are truly sorry we haven’t been able to rescue you for such a long time. Support is growing among the Japanese people for all the 400 or more victims said to be abducted, and we are trying to attract global attention.

Shu-ichi! Be patient! 
We will soon rescue you! 
When you come home, let’s drink sake together! 
Take care of yourself! 
Hang in there! 
Don’t give in! 
Make sure to survive there!

Dear American citizens, please fight together with us until all the abductees come home. We sincerely ask for your support. Thank you.

Ken-ichi Ichikawa 
In front of The White House
April 22,2006