The Voices of Members - Letter to Takashi Osawa

Dear Takashi, How are you doing?

You must have a very cold winter this year? Niigata felt especially so too, this winter, because we had warmer winter in the past several years. In Tsunan, Irihirose and other area, we had more than 14 feet of heavy snow, which attracted news coverage every day. Your Dad, 96 years old, was too old to keep himself to show us big appetite at the time of dinner. He says he won’t die until Takashi come back. The madame of the B-B-Q Restaurant in Niiho often telephone us and ask us to get you back so that she can treat Takashi and us brothers to delicious meat. Your junior high school mates, Mr.Uematsu and others often gather together and are continuing the movement to rescue you. In April, starting with a cherry blossom party in Bunsui, and a kite competition at Shirane, we are receiving a lot of support and collecting many signatures everywhere we go. The Ginko tree, you planted in the garden of the Terasawa at the occasion of moving to new job assignment to Niiho., grew up into huge tree with golden leaves after 30 years, and it waiting for the returning of the person who planted her. Japan finally began to change. Japanese people began to recognize their helpless diplomacy and began to think about the correlation of the national interest. The Japan Police Agency now has as abdacted victim affair department. Japan is changing Japan is a country of influence Japan can do when it is willing Dear Takashi, be patient! I’ll do come to see you to take back soon.

Shoich Osawa
April 22,2006 
In front of The White House