The Voices of Members - Letter to Anocha Panjoy

Dear Anocha Panjoy, my beloved sister -

You went to work in Bangkok in 1973. And after that, you often came back home to visit but one day we suddenly received word that you had been kidnapped in Macao.

We learned of this news from your friend who sent a letter to your father and I saying that she wanted to see us. So we went to see her in Bangkok. Then, without explaining details, she told us that you were kidnapped in Macao six months prior and that’s all I heard from her.

After I and father came back home, our family gathered to discuss your matter. Everybody said that you would comeback someday. And I, our father, nieces and nephews, all our relatives―all of us have been waiting for you since 1978.

On Nov. 1st, 2005, I saw news on TV saying that Anocha Panjoy had been kidnapped from Macao and since then had been living in North Korea―so I rushed to the TV station. After the TV news, a lot of reporters came to our house. But I didn’t know who I should ask for help? So I asked the reporters to please make this news reach my sister living in North Korea 

You, my sister Anocha Panjoy, you remember all of our family, don’t you ?

Som Panjoy, Father.

Tong Panjoy, Sister-in-law.

And nieces and nephews,

Ua Panjyoi, Urai Penluang, and Bunson Penluang.

You, my sister Anocha Panjoy, I hope you are filled with happiness if you receive this letter that I wrote from the bottom of my heart. And please don’t feel sad to know that our father passed away 6 month ago, though he waited for you for 27 years. 2 of our nieces and nephews, Bunson and Eu, have also passed away.

You, my sister Anocha Panjoy,

I wonder if you miss me after you read this letter? Since seeing your news, everybody in our family hopes to see you soon. This abduction should never have happened to you. Everybody wants to see you. You know, after you disappeared, we have faced many trials and tribulations. We have spent a lot of money trying to find you. Our father fell ill so I finally admitted him to the hospital at age 97. But, he passed away last year. I hope that if you read this letter, you will miss all of your family. Your family wants to help you come back. You don’t need to be afraid of anything.

At last, I hope that you are ok and healthy. Everybody misses you. I’m always here, and am always missing you.

Sukham Panjoy
March 21, 2006