The Voices of Members - Mother of Kim Youngnam

Dear my son!

My heart is pouring out for you as I call your name 28 years later since we were separated.

I thought our story could only be found in fiction stories but it is real and I don’t know how I can express my feelings.

I am now in eighties, and my body is deteriorating. I can’t even walk well.
However, your two brothers, sister-in-laws, and sisters always have been taking care of me and giving me hope that you would be still alive.

The other day I kept crying when strangers came to our village and took me to the hospital to investigate for the possibility of your survival. 

Your sister screemed, “Mom, Youngnam is alive! He is living in North Korea and
married to a Japanese woman. Investigation confirmed that he is still alive.” 

Those words made me so shaken.

My dear son, Youngnam, I can’t believe you are still alive… I thank God. I thought you were drowned to death at the beach … but you are alive in North Korea and even got married….

Youngnam, When can I see you? I wish I can see you before I die. My health
conditions are getting worse. But I want to be alive to see you.

I cannot say anything else except that I want to see you. 

Please help me to see my son before I die.
Even once, please let me see my son’s face before I die.

Dear Mr. President Bush, fellow Korean-Americans, please, please help me to
see my son before I die. Please help this old mom’s wish come true.

Dear my son, Youngnam, you must take care of yourself. You must be alive until we meet again. I will cook your favorite hard boiled eggs for you.
Until then, you must be well.

Since I heard you are alive, I can’t sleep well because I am afraid that some bad things might happen to you. The other day I dreamed about you coming into my arms, then I woke up while calling your name. 

Dear my son, Youngnam, my precious son, Youngnam, why did you come so late? Why couldn’t you come home for such a long time? Now let’s live a happy life. 

Let’s forget about 30 years that we have lost and let’s enjoy each other from now
on. When we meet, let’s talk more. If a day is not enough, let us talk for two, three, and four days. I will stop writing here today and let us talk when we meet later.

Wishing your safety,

From your mom in your hometown